Yuchi Sauna at President Hotel (Guangzhou)

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    Website: http://www.presidenthotel.com.cn/entertainment_zh-cn.php
    Phone: 8551-2988
    Address: 8/F,President Hotel,586 Tianhe Road
    DBA in local language: 总统大酒店御池桑拿
    Open Hours: 10:00am-6:00am
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
     Located in the 8th floor of the President hotel, it is convenient to the guests who live in the hotel.  Beautiful decoration, elegant environment and warm service make the place be an upscale place. There are rest hall, wet steaming room, small pool, less than 20 massage rooms, there are more than 60 massage girls in this sauna, the massage girls are all very young, beautiful with perfect figure, the service attitude is also very nice. there are 3 types in this sauna place, HJ is 298rmb(VIP Price), breast massage which is 348( member price), Thai style massage. if you call in advance, you can also reduce 50rmb.
    I took the Turkish package as they strongly recommended, which cost me 438RMB plus extra 12 RMB for PJ's. Led to the room with no drinks or food. My gal came in, not a busty type, after some moonwalking on my back, she gave oil massage and then hot stone, but did't focus on my shoulders, neck, arms, legs. After she washed her hands, she told me to lay on my back, and started to tease my nipples and suck my cock, proceeding to HJ me with oils. After she went out washing her hands again, she moved to focus on my left leg which last around 30mins and I almost fell asleep. Not a bad experience here, but nothing impressive.
    Turkey massage at hotel president gangding, guangzhou About 4 month ago, i went to this hotel for massage. This place in 广州市天河区天河路586总统大酒店8楼 邮编510630. After arrived at the lobby, i saw that have 3 type of massage. I choose the most expensive, turkey massage. Take a bath for first, i can see the different with the usual sauna. The facilities in here was very good and luxury, also have steam, sauna and hot cold pool. After take a bath, i went to rest area for dinner. The food also buffet but serve. I must order from the menu, the food have so many kinds and also in small portion. So you can try many kinds of food at here. The food taste alsovery delicious, like a 5 star hotel. After finish dinner, rest for a moment and the papasan come to me to offer the massage. I told the papasan to give me a pretty young massause. The papasan send me to the room snd i saw a big room with luxury furnitureThe massause come to my room, i see her enough pretty and she start massage me. The massage is very comfortable. After massage 45minutes, she start the main job. She get some oil and give me Hj. The Hj is very skillful, and i also play her boobs till i got pop. Thats really nice. After finish Hj, she get some hot stones and put the hot stones on my back. Thats feel so good, nice and comfortable. After finish hot stone, still have time and she give me head massage. I ask she in here can fuck? She said no, but we can fuck in outside. Anytime i want just call her. She already give me qq number. But she dont want do it at her home. We must do it at hotel. I dont ask about the price, i dont know this is free or after fuck she will take some money from me. Name : li jian Age : 25 Face : 7 Body : 8 Gfe : 8 Massage & service : 8 Hj : 8 (very skillfull) Boobs : 34b ( very beautiful boobs but unfortunately she dont want take off her clothes) Dc : 438 (turkey massage, the most expensive) and 12 for the kimono RO : yes, better in very hungry condition because the food very delicious The papasan give me his name card and told me next time come for massage call him first and get 50rmb discount. But the name card already lost.
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