Yu Qing Chi Spa Club (Guangzhou)

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    Address: 3-5/F,Xinyu Building, No.81 under Nonglin Road
    DBA in local language: 玉清池水疗会馆
    Open Hours: 24 hours
    Category: Beauty Spa, Sauna
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    With the beautiful and luxurious decoration, it offers hospitable service.The massage rooms are in the 5th floor, which are divided into three types of massage,including traditional Chinese massage,Thai massage and Japanese massage.Food and drinks are supplied in the buffet where is in the 3rd floor. Per capital consumption is about 170 RMB. it is said that the food is more dicilious than before in this sauna center, the following are some famous massage girl number, the Service type: No. 205, Beautiful girl type: No.368, Super star type: No.160 (it is said that she is like Kwai Lunmei), the massage technicians may do not wear pants
    The center is located in the Xinyu building from 3rd to 5th floor. The whole decoration is clean and elegant. However the ceiling is low, which gives people a feeling of constraint. The net sauna is 128 yuan for 24 hours and it has no service charge. In the 3rd floor, there is a buffet where food and drinks are supplied. The female room is in the 4th floor and the place is small. There is no spa pool inside and if you want to have a bath, you need to pay more. The extra cost is 60 for 38 minutes. The massage rooms are in the 5th floor and there are three types of massage:traditional Chinese massage, Thai massage and Japanese. The Japanese massage is 318RMB for 90 minutes. The masseuses are professional and the service is good.
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