Waterway Spa Hotel (Guangzhou)

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    Address: 163 Donghua South Road
    DBA in local language: 水善坊
    Open Hours: 24 hours
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
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    With luxurious decoration and warm service, Waterway Spa Hotel is famous in the local. Venice's feeling cafeteria, outdoor garden bar, swimming pool, luxurious KTV, dining suite, VlP couples room, chess room, meeting room, etc. Everything here is wonderful. Masseurs are professional and their press techniques are good. They can offer you all-round aervice.<br /> <br /> If it's your first time there, here is a guide. First get bracelet in 1F and you go to the locker room at 3F via elevator to get change, then get directed to walk down a stairway to 2F, for shower, after shower you get your PJs and get directed to the elevators to go to the resting zone. Once there, the manager will ask for the program that you want to choose<br /> <br /> Chinese/Thai/Japanese massages will charge you 388RMB (427 with the mandatory 15%) which usually includes a HJ. It is a great place that worth coming!<br /> <span style="color:#FF0000"><strong>Editor's Note</strong></span>:<br /> Guests have to ask the manager for more services when they ask guests if they want a massage in the resting area and those services are only available 8 pm to 8 am.
    Went to Guangzhou for business and saw many bros in the sex141 forum mentioned this place, so I tried it last night. Definitely, it was a great experience.

    Directed by the manager to a room which was dark but big. I waited there for my girl's arrival. Several mins' later, she knocked at the door and came in. I could not see her face clear in the dark but later I found she was pretty. 

    She gave me a great massage during which I asked if there was something extra. She told me she will finished the massage with HJ. Great, but she added I could touch only with her clothes on as it's the end of the year, the police were checking stricter than before. 

    I gotta say the HJ was great.She didi it twice after I gave her 100 for tips. Nice place, would repeat next time in Guangzhou
    Instead I headed to the Waterways Hotel. Not knowing a word of Mandarin or Cantonese, nor understanding the system (which I should have understood having read this forum) , I looked like an idiot there. After getting my wrist band and heading to the 4th floor changing area, and putting my clothes into the lockers, I wasn't sure what I should do. One of the male staff there took me to the massage area and showed me a price list for various massage offerings on the 4th floor. I could tell they were standard massages being done by the male staff. After repeatedly saying "spa" and being met by bewildered glances, they directed me to a set of lockers where I changed from my towel to the standard pajamas. They then pointed to another elevator that led to the higher floors. I think I went to the 11th floor where I was met by the spa staff. They showed me a variety of massages and more elaborate multi-hour spa experiences. I didn't know if one or all would lead to a happy ending, so I went with one of the more expensive RMB798 + 10% service charge packages. I felt like I probably way overpaid, but I did get a nice exfoliation treatment, good length massage, a bath in the jacuzzi, followed by another full body massage and HE. The HE was okay, not great. I was happy I got something, given the failure at the Ocean Hotel, but I knew I wasn't coming back here.
    I decided to use my charm, which usually works (sorry matsumoto, you might want to stop reading).  After about 30 minutes of BJ and playing around with her double pants, she suddenly pulled them off and lay next to me.  She speaks no English, so I pushed my luck and tried FS, but she backed me off.  She was offering DATY.  I expressly told her I didn't want to pay 300 and she said it was okay.  She was a bit hairly, but tasted really nice and fresh.  She started really getting into it and after about 10 minutes she pulled me up for FS.  She was tight, and I was pretty worked up, so I only lasted about 5 minutes before popping.
    Hey Kaleu Thanks for your post on Water Way Hotel. Visited the place a few weeks ago and had a good experience. Some additions to your report as of late July (sorry if I already missed these updates if already posted). Water Way has a RMB498 option, which is topless body massage (i.e. masseuses uses breast to rub your body) with BBBJ service with ice/fire techniques and such. Actual veggie massage from this particular girl (I forgot her number - cute 7/10 but on the older side) was average as can be expected, but she did have nice breasts and let me titty ****** her. You can't select&nbsp;girls, but if you don't like the masseuse you get, you can change depending on availability. I asked about FS and the lady manager said there are a few girls who are open to that option, but would cost RMB498 + RMB 600 tip to masseuse for a total of RMB 1098. I didn't take this option so can't say anything about the experience. Weird thing about this place is that there's actually a healthy number of women clients at this place. Wonder if they know what's available for guys and if they realize their husbands or friends might be getting additional services. Maybe the ladies can get service also? Also tried No. 9 Spa near the railway station - only HJ service there. That place is even weirder (to me anyways) as they have a children's play area on one of the levels. Its a family affair I suppose at these places. Again - don't remember the girls numbers so can't rate them to any avail here. The masseuse I had was a 7/10, thin and tall - okay HJ technique and tops are not removed.
    Another visit I saw my regular girl again. Had some really hot FS. This is probably because it is really not allowed (at least not in the Japanese Massage rooms). We had to keep it low key. She is quitting at the end of the month. She and a friend opened a little clothing shop. Anyway... There are several girls working at this spa who advertize on Momo and other social media sites. I have included a couple below. RA30 because although they put their employee number on their profiles, I'm not sure if they offer more than a standard HJ. I have not tried any of these girls myself, although I have chatted with some.
    Water Way Hotel / Spa - Guangzhou (2nd report) I wanted to add this to my old report, but it's been automatically closed. Here is the report if you want to read it: http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/viewthread.php?tid44437 A few days ago I met a girl on Momo and started chatting with her in Chinese. I recognized that one of her photos was from the Water Way Spa. It turns out she works there as a masseuse. So we set a time for me to go and request her today. I went and showered, had dinner, and sat in the lounge for about an hour watching Rush Hour 3. We had agreed on 9:30. Her shift is from 3-12. I had heard from other girls there that they normally have 3 customers a day. She is one of the lower tier masseuses that normally do Chinese/Thai/Japanese massages for 388RMB. Usually this includes a HJ. So I set it up with a manager and at 9:30 she leads me up to the 10th floor. My girl is waiting for me at the door. Today's outfit is a cute sailor inspired half-shirt and a very short black skirt/shorts combo thing. Age: Reported to be 26 Height: 5'7" without heels Face: 4/5 nothing too special. Nice hair Breasts: 3/5 largish A cups but with 2cm light brown nipples Legs: 5/5 exactly MCOT Other: 2/5 A little belly fat. Baby?? Attitude: 5/5 Very GFE but YMMV Service: 5/5 See below Damage: 388 (427 with the mandatory 15%) Repeat: Yes maybe As soon as the door closes she is on me like glue with a big hug. Keep in mind that we had been chatting for a few days, so I have no idea what her standard service is like. I sit on the bed and she gets the room ready with deep bends showing of her beautiful legs and ass. Off with my shirt, grope LB a little, and then I'm lying on my stomach for a massage. I decide to ask for a head massage first, so flip onto my back with a little more groping, and then we chat while she massages my head for about 15 minutes. Then it's back onto my stomach, covered with a towel, and she starts to rub my back. After about two minutes she pulls my shorts off and removes the towel. She sits high on my back while she does my shoulders (she is light) then leans back and starts to grind her ass all over my back. Then she flips over and with her shirt on does a body rub, pushing her knee up between my legs. Very nice. It's too uncomfortable lying on LB now, so I turn on my side and she lies down next to me to cuddle. Some of the rooms at this spa are shaped in such a way that the bed cannot be seen from the window in the door. This is one of those rooms. She acts shy, but allows me to undo her bra and play with her incredibly long nipples. They are light brown but easily 2cm long. No matter how much I pinch and suck on them they never get hard, but maybe hard 2cm nipples would be a little scary anyway. This, combined with some belly fat and her age makes me think she might have had a kid, but I didn't ask. She's enjoying the attention, although there is no kissing, so I decide to move on. My hand roams down to her LS and she doesn't stop me. Usually this is the limit for these girls (at this price), although I have had another girl at this spa who allowed light fingering. She has a normal amount of bush, although the hair is straight and very soft. My favorite kind. Also, none around the lips. She is still enjoying my work, so I see how far she'll go. I start kissing down her body and pull her shorts down a little. There is no resistance, so I change position and take them off completely. She is completely exposed and not complaining at all, so I go for some nice DATY. She has her head back, biting her finger, as I get her flowing nicely. Her legs are driving me crazy (I'm a total leg man), and apparently I have no limits, so I start kissing up her belly to her nipples again. This puts my LB right on her LS as I move her long legs onto my shoulders. After a little rubbing and reading her expressions, I ****************************** she backs me off. After a little more cuddling she pulls her pants back on, grabs the oil, and starts the HJ. I guess her technique wasn't good, or my mind was elsewhere, but after a few minutes I had her stop. We just lay together for the rest of the time. I had no money with me so I didn't tip her anything, although I certainly would have. I wanted to see how far she would go, and I think she hit the right spot for sweet GFE since we knew each other without being slutty. I wrote that I would maybe repeat only because I think I can get her to see me outside that spa. Below are a few photos from her Momo and WeChat. No I will not share her user names.
    Guangzhou - Water Way Hotel Guangzhou - Water Way Hotel 500 something rmb + tip first day of visit: April 24 Name: Xiao something Hometown: Guangdong speaks Canto and Mando Address: 广州 越秀区 东华南路163号 sorry copy and paste the address dont know how to translate it. Sex Appeal: 4/5 Face 3.5/5 Body 4/5 Age: 19 last month turn 19 during my trip Skill 4/5 Service 5/5 Repeat: Prob Damage: 500rmb something + tip Well I havent been in guangzhou for 2 years. Given the opportunity I went the end of April. Just in time for the trade convention. Thinking that meant was closed for the month and me and my friend would spend our time eating seafood. Boy was I wrong. Well enough of that let get to the good stuff. My cousin told me about a new place around my apartment. How it was better then SPA 9. He told me they offer ice/fire, soda, AR, catbath and if they like you FS. So I the manager introduced me to 299. I was surprise to find a Canto speaking girl. When she walked in she stood there for a good 10 secs looking at me. THen she tells me I look like her ex. I didn't answer her and laid down. She started with a massage but I told her to get right to business. I had been traveling for the last couple of days. She left the room to get ice hot water and soda. She started with the cat bath. She then gave me a BBJ. Then the ice/fire and then soda. After this I grab her and said to her that I wanted her. She told me that she couldn't it was against policy. But I felt her panties they were soaked. He told me that it was because i reminded her of her EX. I told her it was alright and I had a con. That i had hidden my cell phone. Alway bring a box of trojans back from the US. I first do her missionary. Then after a about 5 mins tell her to get on top of me. Damn 18 year old sure got stamina. I busted in the C. It was great. Nothing like saunas in China. I believe they also have rooms upstairs but i dont know the prices. Also 233 is great but that'll be a review for another day If anyone does go I would be very grateful if you can deliver a message for me. Please PM if you can deliver a message to 233
    This is a facility report… A few weeks ago I went to another Sauna in Guangzhou. It’s at the Water Way Hotel. 163 Dong Hua Nan Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou. It is not particularly close to anything and honestly there is not a lot of reason to visit it over #9 Spa, which has been reported on several times. The décor is a little nicer (sort of like a casino), and it is not as busy, but that’s about all. Lots more accurate photos can be found on Agoda: http://www.agoda.com/asia/china/guangzhou/water_way_hotel.html Here is the full report. I have only had the Thai and Japanese massage, both of which use oil and include a HJ. There is no girl choice, but I’m sure you can refuse the first if you want. Girl quality is high, about the same as #9 Spa. I think the hot girls at #9 are only at the 600RMB+ services, and I haven’t tried those kinds of spa treatments here. The rooms are simple, but clean and nicely decorated.
    This is one of my most satisfied experiences.It is located in the Donghua south road where is near to Shui Linglong. The parking is adopted elevating design so that there are not too many cars in the door and to further ensure the vehicle safety. The whole building belongs to Waterwar, including the restaurant and sauna. Moreover, there is open-air swimming pool on the top floor. Rest area is in the 8th and the restaurant is the 6th floor. The quality of food is quite good . The disadvantage is that Wifi is unstable and the signal in the non-smoking area is better.
    This club is near to my home and it is my first experience about spa. When entering the club, you will smell a stream of perfume which will make you feel comfortable. The waiter are enthusiastic and they won't sell at the same time. The shower cubicle is bright and clean,equipped with bath goods. Sauna is divided into two kinds:wet steaming and dry sauna. Ladies apartments are in the 11th floor. The ceiling is high and the decoration is luxurious and beautiful.SPA facilities are very advanced, I chose French massage. The special place is that Ican smell the flavor of the cocktail when doing spa. The price is about 680RMB for 2 hours. Food and drinks are supplied in the buffet.
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