Kilon Club Leisure Center (Guangzhou)

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    Address: 1F, Jia Xin Hua Yuan, NO.481, Middle Xingang Road(close to Chigang subway station )
    DBA in local language: 凯龙会休闲中心
    Open Hours: 24hours
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    This sauna center is located near Chigang Subway Station, the sign light is very big. In this sauna center, you can enjoy different kind of service. It provides normal massage ,hydrotherapy and also special massage service. The price here is very reasonable, the traditional chinese massage costs 138rmb for 90mins, the environment here is not very good and the buffet is not very delicious.All the services are 40% off from 4am to 5pm every day. If you like some special Japanese service at the center, you book the massage technician at the first floor of the center, the price is 338rmb, if you do not book any massage technicians at the first floor, the price will 398rmb, th second floor is foot bath, and the third floor is the sauna service. Th erest room is very big, the massage room is a little dark, the massage technicians in this center are beautiful and young , service eattitude is really very nice.<br /> <br /> <span style="color:#FF0000">PS: Special service is no longer available in this club.</span>
    Though the facade is big fwaterdroply, a liitle hard to find this shop for someone. It's near the East Chigang Station, besides Suning. The spa pool is not large enough and without dry sauna room. According to its equipments, the shop is also not good. But the service is OK, and the environment is elegant with high price-quality ratio.
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