JKY Spa (Guangzhou)

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    Address: No.4, Qiyi Road
    DBA in local language: 君康悦健康中心
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    JKY SPA is located in the Guangzhou Qiyi Road. The jky spa's full name is Jun Kang Yue Health Center and it is located in Guangzhou Hotel in Haizhu Square. There is a beautiful environment around there and the transportation is convenient. Lift opens to reception area where a receptionist will greet and ask you whats your preferred treatment. this Spa has the boundless creativity and artistic temperament, as well as the love of life itself which are warmly favored by many customers, this Spa provide high quality of beauty services. the service of the massage therapists is very good, all massage can be done by pretty ladies, the massage technique is really in place. If you want BJ with massage, thenit's RMB298 (For the massage) + RMB 200 (I think, sorry I forgot the exact amount) or if you want FJ then, it's RMB198 (for the massage + RMB400!
    after the shower , I was led to a big room. then, a young girl came in. She was not my type. Her massage skill was terrible, to be honest. The door is not locked made me unfortable. She helped take off my clothes. I wanted her to be naked but she told me it was not allowed. Finally, she gave me a HJ with her clothes on. Not good experience and would not repeat.  
    Read many reviews of JKY Spa so I decided to have a try on my own the other day. Good ambience and there are tvs in the resting area. After the shower, I was led to a room where I waited for my girl. Several mins later, she came in. 

    Her name is Lele. Young and pretty but her boobs were not big(A cup). Her massage skill was great and I really enjoyed. While doing the HJ (included in the package), she asked me if I wanna enjoy her BBBJ. I said yes. Gotta say the BBBj was awesome cos she had cold and hot water in her mouth. I shot in her mouth and paid her 200 RMB for tips. 
    So I arrived at JKY at around 13.45. So the girl at the reception asked me which massage I want. I chose the oil massage at RMB288. So off to the locker, usual routine of undress, shower, pjs, then to the lounge area. Last time I was there, the lady manager/ supervisor was very forward when I asked her what massage was available- she told me either massage with BJ or Massage with sex. This time, this lady manager/ supervisor was not so forward, and just confirm my oil massage. (Maybe because it was in the afternoon and last time I was here was at night)
    Just back from GZ and an update on JKY spa (Guangzhou hotel near haizhu square) Ask for Thai massage at RMB308 but later manager intro oil massage at RMB368 (90mins massage) say it's better and since diff not much so agreed Did not chose girl from any pic since 1st time there and don't know (but think got this service) so just ask manager to arrange. Went to room and wait for girl and later girl No. 318 showed up (Think her name is Ah Juan if remb correct) 1st thing come ask me got bring wallet and I say no and she proceed to massage me for 40mins Quite a talkative girl from Guilin and so chitchat and test market see got special service or not Later was offer BJ at RMB100 (funny thing is she say if I got bring cash she will ask for RMB200) and agreed and ask me to leave the RMB100 at the counter as tips She went out for 10mins then come back with her barang barang and she begin working....use hot and cold water to suck nipple then proceed to didi and blow for 10mins before I explode and then chitchat for a while more and learn that now is the time for yanda so the girl will do it discreetly. From the conversation, she told me that the spa has been clean for several month but the girls will do it discreetly but must nego I think if bring wallet in maybe can nego for FJ (not too sure) but ask the girl say can arrange for girls to go to hotel room (was quote RMB800 for ST and RMB1500 for overnight) but think can nego also Any bro interested can PM me for contact Summary Girl: No. 318 (Think is Ah Juan) from Guilin Guangxi Look: 6/10 Figure: 7/10 slim think got 160cm B/J: 7.5/10 Total Damage: RMB368 (90min massage) + RMB100 (BJ) + RMB10 for locker boy Was offer Shuangfei at RMB398 and extension at RMB120 for 45mins but did not take up offer Overall: Satisfied but was a bit disappointed not offered full service but still got happy ending so not much complain Operating hour is from 12pm noon to 6am
    Nice report Bro. If you want to try another place, try the JKY Sauna at the Guangzhou Hotel in Haizhu Square. I went there on my last trip to Guangzhou. I've plenty of report on the place, all positive, but at first I was under the impression that the place was a legit massage place and that the extra (HJ, BJ, FJ) was at the discretion of the girl. If she offers and you agree to a price, you win then have to go back to the locker to get the agreed amount! However when I was there last time (in April) , as soon as I entered the lounge area after the locker, shower and Pyjama thing, the lady taking orders for massage told me straight away the prices for everything! If you want BJ with massage, thenit's RMB298 (For the massage) + RMB 200 (I think, sorry I forgot the exact amount) or if you want FJ then, it's RMB198 (for the massage + RMB400! I took the BJ option and it was GREAT! I also did get a very good massage and the girl spoke conversational English!
    Guangzhou part 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first "chiong" experience in GZ last year was futile but I believe if u look hard enough u can find something but not in the scale or flashiness of say Chang Ping. So this year I'm back. Thanks to some bros who recently posted about their sauna experiences here. For those going Lone Ranger mode I think the sauna would be a good choice to a KTV for no other reason than cost and cost alone. So after the days work was done I headed to JKY Spa (http://poi.mapbar.com/guangzhou/MAPITVXOHOJRFNFBLPC) at the Guangzhou Hotel, Hai Zhu Square. (MRT Haizhu Square station, exit B1). Quite easy to find. Once you hot street level. You walk straight ahead less than 30 meters and you will see a small entrance to the spa located on the 5th floor. The building also has big red letters "JKY Spa" so can't miss. Lift opens to reception area where a receptionist will greet and ask you whats your preferred treatment. "Massage all by pretty ladies!" she so enthusiastically announced. Price list is all there for you to see. You can choose just to use the facilities without any massage from RMB130 for 45 minutes onwards. In the massage category they had massage, Thai massage and "Bali" massage. I choose the Bali option at RMB308 for 90 minutes. Led into the changing room where the locker room boy will help your undress, store your belongings expecting a big tip from you later. Showered then a dip in the jacuzzi, hot water is great in this cold weather! After about 20 minutes locker boy asked me if I wanted my massage now. OK why not? Walked through the big TV lounge room that is usual for these kind of joints into an area that resembled a dimly lit hotel corridor. Introduced by my "business minister", that is the English title on her name card, to my masseuse. She was quite tall, typical interior Chinese features. Not striking but still pleasant GND looks. I didn't ask if can choose my masseuse though I did see some CFM-Ah-Lian looking types in semi-darkness. Brought to a room whose only light was from a table lamp. Massage was decent not piano playing and she "accidentally" brush against my 2IC a few times. Then she lathered on the oil and massaged my butt crack and balls. This was finished with shiatsu style but I told her to skip it coz dun fancy someone's feet stepping all over me. Hmm... is this what they do in Bali? Then came the RMB500 question. Negotiated to RMB400 (probably can get RMB300) and she asked me to pay here now. Made my way back to my locker for the cash. All done in a hush-hush manner. Went to another room and started the FJ. First was the Hot Tea Gargle Massage. First time experience and can't say I like it. Then came Hot Tea BBBJ. This one I like. After like 10 or 20 minutes of this she capped me and rode me. She controlled the timings and dunno if she was enjoying it (joy juice dripping on me) or it was part of the ego package? She did slow shallow trusts followed by long rapid ones. My mantra for this solo mission was "go with the flow" and was enjoying it so far. After like 15+ minutes (I myself surprised can tahan so long) we came together. Ego trip further enhanced when she said in broken English "you good. Chinese man only 2 or 3 minutes"... Big smile on me but sorry no big tip. Cleaned up and went to TV lounge area to relax. Ordered beer (must pay but soft drinks free) and some food. Finished a Thai movie and decided enough spa for today. Showered and left a sextisfied monger. JKY is a small spa (for GZ standard) a bit old but not threadbare nor terribly dirty. Some nice looking masseuse + "business minister" gave me her card saying next time free VIP room for me. So will RTF when back in GZ again. BTW if u r wondering why she spoke English to me. Its because I told them that I am kon Thai... figured if they want to hassle me for more tips or services I just say "not understand". 90% of the time they clam up coz their England not powderful so better look for another carrot or save their breath.
    FR: Location: Spa beside Guangzhou Hotel, 5th floor (different from the foot massage located at 4th floor) After jacuzzi and steam bath, waitress bring a computer screen with pictures of the girl for u to choose. She only show me 5 girls that were available at that time (but the computer have at least listing of 50+ girls). I chose a girl from Shenchuan. Go to the room and wait for the girl. She turned up - just like the picture (face: 7/10). Straight away asked me whether want service or not. I said yes and she asked me whether got bring the tips. I said no and how much does it cost. She said rmb 500 for full service and asked me to go and take my $$$. I go dwn to the locker and bring the money to her. After that, she strip and give a BJ (with cold / hot treatment). After that I f her. First time in GZ, so don't know rmb500 is the right price or not.
    Guangzhou Binguan - Jun Kang Yue Health Center Rather than to talk about banknotes in this forum, I suggest to talk about our hobby. Following some information from the forum, I headed to the Guangzhou hotel on Thursday evening. I was curious to see what can be expected there. First, thanks to the deion I could find the place quite easily. More detailed information follows below. The place is a "spa" as many such places. You enter through a room with the reception desk, then get to the locker room, leave your clothes and take the towel. Then the compulsory shower. I usually take a round of sauna to get the blood running. Then, after another shower I went to the relax room (all accompanied by the friendly staff). You relax a few minutes, have a drink or some food. There are even computers with Internet access next to each relaxing chair. The relax room is huge, and there must be a large number of masseuses. Soon after I was there, a young man comes to me and explains the program. There are several massages, including the Thai massage for 278 Rmb (this includes the entrance fee to the place). Then, he asked me whether I wanted to have "sexy massage". Of course, I said yes, and he told me that I have to pay additional 400 Rmb directly to the girl in the room. O.k., let's try it. However, all my money is in the locker, and I have to fetch it from there (I did not bring any money under the shower...). A few more minutes later I was accompanied to the massage room, where the girl was already waiting. She had a pretty face, good body and nice rack. Not too slim, but not fat at all. In the room, she turns down the light, with the comment that otherwise, the people in the other rooms can see you. In fact, the walls are glass - not really transparent, but with bright light, it might really shine through. Strange arrangement. She undresses me, and I get onto the massage bed, face down. She also undresses immediately. She has really a good body. Then, she starts with all kinds of liquids in her mouth to lick my back, bottom and legs for a while. Then, I turn around, and the same on the front. After some time, she puts a condom on my xiao didi and gives me a pretty good CBJ. After a longer time of BJ and some licking of my balls, she lies down and waits for me. I start softly and lick her tits, nipples, her body and then give her a DATY. She is completely wet. Apparently, this is not her daily experience. She tells me that no Chinese man has ever given her DATY, and she really likes it. She becomes very, very hot. I am not sure, whether or not she had an orgasm, but perhaps, yes. Then, I take her missionary for a long, long time, until I cannot hold anymore. She is really happy and pulls me inside, so she can have the stronger feeling. We stay together for quite a while. After the deed, she starts with an oily massage. First, my back and then my front. She does it with her whole body and in particular with her tits. Very nice! After altogether about 1 1/2 hours, we are done. I give her the 400 Rmb. She happily takes them, but at the end I am not even sure whether she expected this payment. She is never asking for it. So, next time I would try first without - perhaps the papasan was just very nice to his girls, when he told me to bring another 400 Rmb. Anyhow, I do not regret at all, since the experience with her was really outstanding - despite the weird environment. Conclusions: Good place, I will go again when in Guangzhou Nice girl (no. 93), very hot and into the sex Somewhat weird environment with the half-transparent walls Total damage 698 (278 for the entrance and the Thai massage + 400 for the sexy massage + 20 tip for the locker boys) Attachments: Name card of the place and map Note: The place is accessible through the main entrance of the Guangzhou hotel ("Guangzhou binguan in Chinese). Then you have to go to the normal elevators 1-4, but pass them and go to the room behind, where there is the elevator #7 going to the 5th floor, where the spa is located. But you can also access the spa directly, from the side entrance. This is located on the left side of the Guangzhou binguan, if you stand in front of the main entrance, facing into the hotel. There is a big illuminated sign "YKY - Jun Kang Yue Spa". This is the best access.
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