Jinghai Hotel Sauna (Guangzhou)

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    Address: Jinghai Hotel, near Jingxi Bridge,Shatai Road
    DBA in local language: 京海宾馆水疗会
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    About Me:
    This Sauna Spa is located in the Jinghai Hotel, the environment is really very nice. The rest hall is really spacious. In this sauna you can enjoy steam, sauna, food and fruit for buffet. The FS service is not show at the board so you must tell the mamasan for 4th floor service or the 400rmb service. The massage girls in thia sauna are not very beautiful and the skill is very professional and they can provide different kind of special service such as FJ which is about 168rmb, BT which is 233rmb, AM, TY, , BH(ice fire), bbbj, and fire licking ass. The service is good but no DFK, and no GFE.
    4x fr massage at jing hai bin guan

    Besides fs service this sauna basicly offer massage. I usually took thai massage for 90mnt. Thai massage is only usually massage with hj at the end.

    1st massage with no. 81
    face : 7
    Body : 7
    Boobs : 34b
    Gfe : 7
    Age : 26

    Starting with massage, she told me to take off my clothes and i say help me please to take off my clothes. After take off the clother, she start massage by back. After massage for a moment, i touch her boobs and she offering me boobs massage. Ok, deal. She take off her clother and bra. And thatdo breast massage. Start from my chest until my dick. And the end services is tits ******. She use her boobs to make me pops. Incredible services. I very enjoyed it and i will RO with 86.

    Dc : 168 + 65(breast massage) + 20locker tips

    2nd massage with no. 81

    I already order 81 to the mamasan but, she still working so i must waiting for a moment. After waiting, the mamasan callme and take me to the room. She already in the room and still remember me. Enjoy the massage like usually, and then i touch her boobs again. She know what i want and she take off her clothes and statrt the breast massage. Like usually, the service end with tits ******. But i told her i want 1more pop. Ok, she agree. After rest a moment she start to give a hj andi pop. Very fantastic and i feel more GFE than before. I ask her for ****** with me after her time work off and she agree. But today she not ready. She want ****** for tommorow but i must pay 400rmb for 2hours. She says never ****** with the other customer but with me is ok. Ok, if i want i will call her.

    Dc : 168 + 65 + 10

    3rd massage with no. 81
    Still with the same massause, she still remember me. And start the massage like usually. Like usually, i touch her boobs and i want take off the clothes. She say i must add breast massage if i want take off her clother. I dont want breast massage anymore but i dont care. I still touch her boobs and she agreee to take off her clothes. Turn off the lamp so the mamasan can't know she take off her clothes. It means she give me free for it. No add charge. Thats great. After i while, she give me a Hj and i got pop. I still want 1more pops and she agree to give me for free. She is very good with me. And i still want to RO with she.

    dc : 168+10

    4th massage with 86

    I come to this sauna and order number 81. But unfortunately she already sign out. So the mamasan choose 86 for me.
    A short girl with a little big body. Ok, no problem because i cant choose anymore. This time is very crowded and must queue for massage. Start the massage like usual, but she not gfe to me. She reject to give breast massage. But i dont care, istill touch her boobs and play her nipples like usual. The massage is over and she give me a hj. I only get 1 pop here.

    Body :6
    Face :6
    Boobs 34c
    Gfe :6
    Dc : 168 + 10
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