Haisha Health Center (Guangzhou)

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    Website: http://www.huahaibuilding.com/zh-CN/products.html?proTypeID=100017636&proTypeName=%E5%BA%B7%E4%B9%90%E8%AE%BE%E6%96%BD
    Phone: 020-84414213
    Address: 3/F, Block A, Huahai Building, No.232, Jiangnan Avenue
    DBA in local language: 海莎健康中心(现改名叫海星桑拿)
    Open Hours: 13:00PM--6:00AM
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
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    Haisha Health Center is located in the third floor of Huahai Biulding, it is a good place for Leisure and entertainment. Now, it has changed its name, it is called Haixing Sauna(海星桑拿), it has been redecorated, it is one of the largest-scaled health club in Guangzhou, there are male guest department and female guests department in this center, the service include dry evaporate and wet evaporate, massage, foot care, pedicure, health care, table tennis, chess and some other service projects. The decoration is elegant and gives people the comfortable feeling, when you step into the center, somebody will welcome your coming.after bathing, you can go the rest room first where you can enjoy the delicious buffet. In addition, there are many massage packages you can choose such as Thai massage which is 278rmb/70minutes, full service massage which is 370rmb/70minutes. After doing the service, you will get a 20rmb discount coupon. The massage girls are beautiful, young and professional who can provide the massage you desire.
    Having been to this place for two times last year. However, due to the raid recently, I did not want to go out and take the risk. Yesterday, I decided to check the situation here and found many things changed. 

    1. There are warning signs everywhere in the resting area. 

    2. no special available recently,even HJ is not longer available. The situation will not change at least in the following three months. 

    3.The lights were all on in each room while they used to be very dim. 

    4. I was told by my massage girl that they only offered ML service to frequent consumers. No BJ or massage, and girls would only took of their shorts off. 
    Today went down to Chang gang station and headed to 3rd floor as mentioned by a bro here.. Was a "navy health centre".. At first worried that I was going to some military only members spa.. But once I walked in, it's the spa sop.. Shower, go to sofa bed to watch show, order food and drinks, then proceed to room for massage and bonk..
    Went to this place in haizhu area after reading one of the bro's thread. The direction is clear but when i reach the place the girl no all changed, not sure if i found the right place so just try lah. The place is at changgang metro, exit C2, walk straight till you reach 海军华海 hotel on the left, go up level 3. Got the 300+ package (the manager ask how much i pay last time, i just say 300+, then she say they increase price a little to 370 as they had renovated the place early this year). Was assign 66, cant really comment on her looks as the room quite dark but she looks like a 6 to 7. Massage was nothing to shout about. The fun part was on the HJ, B2B, and FJ. Wont describe the details but i manage to cum within a while (i couldnt cum the previous night with another FL!  ) Overall , quite a enjoyable experience with a good price.
    GZ Great GFE experience at Haixing Sauna Hey all, been awhile since I wrote a report. Sorry for that, but I've got an SO who makes it difficult to get some down time to write! Anyway, had a very nice experience at Haixing sauna in Haizhu district of GZ. It was totally GFE, but I've got a feeling it was just good chemistry, judging from other posts on the place. More below: Name: Nana (娜娜) Face: 8/10 (young, white skin, high cheeks, very pretty) Body: 7/10 (thin with really nice cleavage - looks better in dress, though (but no flab, nice body) Skill: 7/10 Service: 10/10 (one of the best I've had in China) Age: 26 GFE: 10/10 Price: 490 + 20 to locker boy Language: Mandarin only As other posters, I expected the price at this place to be 370RMB based on other reports. I'd actually heard about this place from a friend of mine, though, so I went ahead and shelled out the cash begrudgingly. Mamasan came out in the front lobby and I had to pay upfront (seems standard practice for first-timers at a lot of these places). To be honest, I was kind of expecting the same 'ol same 'ol (been to a lot of places in Guangzhou), and half expected pudgy or older. Man was I surprised when I walked into the room to see this pretty young dish. She had beautiful white milky skin, tall, great cleavage, long slender legs, and big innocent eyes. I was immediately in a good mood! I speak fluent Mandarin, and this typically puts the ladies at ease because they see I'm obviously a foreigner, and most of the time they assume communicating is going to be hard. She didn't seem to expect a foreigner would be walking in, but she was warm and all smiles. She said she'd never been with a foreigner before, and I had to assume she must be pretty new here. She said she was feeling a bit nervous, but I joked with her a bit, and she took my hands in hers, and she really seemed to relax. She went to get the "materials" for the session, and when she came back, she took off her clothes, and I was quite pleased with what I saw (although she looked even better in the dress, hehe). She started off kissing my nipples, then down my body, and then down to business with a CBJ. I was kind of disappointed it was covered, but then the magic started. She started kissing me on the neck, but then I put my hand on her cheek and her eyes caught mine. I gave her a little peck on the lips, then she pecked back, and then it erupted into full on DFK. It was so spontaneous and unexpected, and we both just got proper into it. Our hands were all over each other, and she was dripping wet. I asked her what she prefers, and she didn't care, so she rode cowgirl first (and she was quite skilled at this!), then we did missionary forever while making out like teenagers. Then we went lotus style, clutching each other and ... damn best release I've had in a long time! Got cleaned up, and then she just held each other and had some conversation dotted with making out, and it made for one of the best sessions I've ever had in China. No massage or anything, but it was so spontaneous and natural that I have to give it high points for that. Long story short, 490 was more than I expected to pay, but at the end of the day I have no regrets whatsoever about spending the money. It was definitely better than I've gotten at even some 4 and 5 star saunas, so can't complain!
    Guangzhou - Hai Xing Sauna - bad experience After reading positive reviews from bice.toru and twelve98, I decided to try Hai Xing Sauna at Hai Hua Hotel on August 1. Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t as good as theirs. As has been previously reported, the easiest way to get there is to use the MTR. The station is Changgang on Line 2 or 8 (it’s a transfer station). Use exit C2 and go about 300m along the left side of the road. Go inside the lobby and use the elevators on the left. Go to the 3rd floor. The facilities are pretty good, however they have the most annoying/aggressive locker boys I’ve ever encountered. The showers are all open facing a center area, so everyone can watch everyone else. A little strange. The only robes are the disposable paper kind. Only one size. The buffet is simple. Better than Deyi, but nowhere near as good as #9 or Water Way. The lounge is pretty good, but small. Their TVs have android TV on them, so you can watch almost anything online. On the other hand, I had no cell service inside (there is free Wi-Fi). While I was there the internet went out, so I wasn’t able to finish watching my movie. Now to the problem… After eating some food, I sat in the lounge. After a few minutes one of the managers came and asked if I wanted a massage. I said yes and they quoted me 490RMB. Now that is quite expensive and more than bice.toru and twelve98 said the price was, so I told him I thought it was 370. He said no. I told him my friend said it was 370, but again he said no. So I refused the massage. I watched part of a movie until the internet went out and then I left. When I was paying they asked why I didn’t get a massage I again told them I was told it was 370 and they asked me to call my friend. I told them I was unhappy and wouldn’t return again. So basically, I cannot recommend this place. If FS was offered for 370 then it would be better than Deyi, but at 490 it is not. The very basic buffet and lounge time came to 130RMB.
    Guangzhou - Hai Hua Hotel/ Hai Xing Sauna Read bice.toru's review (link here) and noticed it was near where I stay so I headed over this afternoon as I don't know of many FS places in GZ If you catch the MTR it's closest to Chang gang which is on the blue and aqua lines. The place is inside Hai Hua Hotel which you can't miss. In the lobby there are signs in chinese - block A to the left, block B to the right. Head left and take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Not sure how long the place has been open but the fit out is in good condition. They can't compare to the big sauna places (水疗) like No 9, Shui Ling Long or Osotto, but wayyy better than places like Deyi. Showers were very clean and I changed into their robe and shorts which are disposable as they're basically made of paper towels It was early on a saturday evening and there were quite alot of people there. The buffet was decent - MUCH better than Deyi. Interestingly the arm chairs had Android TV installed so you could watch video on demand / surf the net. I hadn't seen that before (yes I pay attention to all these kinds of details lol). There was only one mamasan and two waitresses on hand but quite a few people around so it was hard getting any kind of service. After watching some TV i told her I wanted to go upstairs. I said I didn't have any girl reserved and asked her to pick "someone good" for me (not that that ever is any use ). Went upstairs and got taken to a very dark room. The girl was inside the room already. Around 160cm, big boobs and most importantly - a good attitude. As soon as I lay on the bed she said she went to go 'get her things'. That took a while and she came back, put a towel over the window on the door, and then took off her dress (she wasn't wearing underwear). As I said she had great boobs and nice ass. Not rail skinny which is how I like them She took off my shorts and then started kissing me everywhere using hot and cold water. Straight to the point she said haha. Her 'fire and ice' BJ was pretty damn good then she jumped on top and we went at it. I was pretty turned on so I didn't last too long After she went to clean herself up, she came back and gave me a quick a massage while we chatted. She was pretty cool and her massage was actually half decent! She said there's only about 25 rooms there but there's 100 girls on the night shift and around 50 during the day. She said more customers don't stay the whole 70 mins, they just get their biz done and leave. When I was in the corridor I saw quite a lot of hot girls so I'll definitely go back. Unfortunately you can't pick like DG but the standard seems pretty good. She said they open from midday to 6am.... As I left I noticed on the same floor there is a KTV (with girls of course). The renovation isn't that great but I may try it out sometimes as I don't know many of those kinds of places in GZ.... Overall: 8.5/10 , will definitely go back but will likely try someone different Date of session: July 27 Location: Hua Hai Hotel (http://www.huahaibuilding.com/zh-CN/index.html), Block A, Level 3 No. 39 (Hunan) Face: 7 - it's VERY dark inside the room there but got a good look when i left Body: 8 - not too skinny but not fat, big boobs, nice roundass Skill: 8.5 Service: 8.5 Estimated age of the girl: late 20s GFE: 8 PSE: 8 Price: 370 RMB
    Fs at hai xing Sauna guangzhou Yesterday i went to hai xing sauna. I heard this place have fs service so i go to here. This place at 海珠区江南大道中232号华海大厦a座3楼. Just take metra to changgang and exit C2 and walk about 500metres and you will find this place. Just take a lift to 3rd floor and arrive to hai xing sauna. Take a bath for a while, the bathroom is good. Have sauna and steam room. Overall the facilites are good. After finish bath, i go to dinner. After dinner i take a rest for a moment. The papasan come to me and offer the massage. This place have 3type massage, chinese style 230rmb, thai style 260rmb and chinese thai style for 370rmb. All package only 70minutes. I ask the service about 370rmb but the papasan has a little shy to tell me, just say very good service. Oke i take the 370rmb. Go to the room, the massause already in the room. Start with the masssage first. I ask the massause about the 370rmb service and she say have breast massage, catbath and ice fire bj and fs. After massage about 10minutes, the service is started with breast massage, and continue with catbath and ice fire bj. And the end is fs service. She take off her clothes and i wear the condom and the fuck is started. Started with WOT, and then MOT and we got the pop together. Rest for a moment and i negotiate for 2nd pop. She says just add 150rmb again. Ok deal. She take another condom and i wear it. Start with WOT again, and then DS and MOT and we got pop together again. I ask for 3rd pop but she say dont enough time. If i want, i can add 45minutes for 280rmb again and can choose another girl, but i think already enough so i back to rest area for sleeping. The sleeping chair are very comfortable, it has a charger for charge handphone. No : 133 Origin : sichuan Age : 30 Face : 7 Body : 8 Boobs : 32a small Service : 8 she is a fun girl RO : yes but try another girl Dc : 370 + 150 2nd pop Any place have fs service in guangzhou? Please share it. Thanx
    Bro le113ru, thks a lot for the lead. I am new in GZ, been here a about month and upon reading this, visited the spa 4 times already. Very straight forward and economical. Its located in Haizhu area. Take the metro to changgang, take exit C2, as you take the escalator up to the main street, just walk straight about 400 to 500 meters. The hotel is on the left side. Enter the hotel and take the lift after the reception area on the left. Its on the 3rd floor. Full service is RMB378 If you are unable to find the place, the telephone number is 84414213. I have tried 3 girls but dont know their names. However, below are some deion to assist those who are interested 123 - around 25yo, big boops, think Its D cup, gargle back and front massage, hot and cold bbbj, AR, multiple position FJ 161 - mid 20s, willing to please, gargle back, front and thighh massage, AR, multi position FJ 188 - 30yo, she is the oldest amongst the girls, provides the best service. Apparently, she is the teacher to all the newbies. Extremely good hot and cold bbbj, AR, gargle back and front massage. Deep throat, multi position FJ SPA is a bit old and run down. Locker room, shower facilities, steam bath, tv and rest area is quite big. Overall extremely value for money.
    found a very good n budget deal at haizhu district. short FR to share with bros as very busy. haisha sauna inside 蔚蓝国际 3rd floor - seems to be a hotel under navy. good value so went 3x last week. 168 rmb for 2h chinese massage. however, actual is only 1h massage. but it is followed by hj with oil n autoroam. all inclusive in the 168rmb...hehehe. got a fair busty jilin meimei. the girls i saw looks wise at least 7/10. at the lounge, tell the 部长 u want '泰式按摩'. apparently it is the codeword for special cos only chinese massage is stated in their list of services. had thai 2x. 1st session - hunan girl, 8/10, b cup 2nd session - hunan girl, 7/10, b++ cup session started with hot water bath. girl with gargle hot water as they clean your back n even your legs! very shiok feeling. 1st girl even give me a mouth suction treatment on my back!!!! feel like having 拔罐....hehe. then came AR!!!! lick your backside clean clean n tongue poke n tease your blackhole....damn shiok feeling. turn front n more hot water cleaning with hot water bbbj with swirling tongue. then to fj. tight n wild. lots of fun together. both girls are good but preferred 1st girl. 358 rmb for 'thai massage'. you may or may not get real massage. i got a short massage from 1st girl. all payment is at counter when u leave. value special...enjoy if you happen to be in that area
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