Dragon Pearl Hotel Leisure Center (Guangzhou)

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    Website: http://www.85519888.com/ylxx.htm
    Phone: 8551-0182
    Address: 2/F,Dragon Pearl Hotel,91 Longkou West Road
    DBA in local language: 龙口明珠大酒店桑拿休闲中心
    Open Hours: 12:00pm-1:00am
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    This leisure center is located in the Dragon Pearl hotel where the transportation is convenient.  Beautiful decoration and elegant environment make the center be an upscale place.  With the collection of sauna, massage, Ktv and so on, it has a good business.  Masseurs are quite professional and authentic, whose press skills and strength are good enough to make you comfortable. <br /> <br /> Rate: HJ  258 RMB/90mins<br />       B2B (woman slides her breasts on your body using oil)  338 RMB/90mins<br />       Full service 498RMB/90mins<br /> BTW, technician #89 is recommended.
    Fs at dragon pearl hotel guangzhou (beside teem ease hotel) About 2,5 month ago, i went to dragon pearl hotel guangzhou. This hotel is in 广州市天河区龙口西路91号龙口明珠大酒店内). Just beside teem ease hotel. I saw the massage price list and the price is cheaper than teem ease so i want this the massage in this hotel. Start take a a bath, oh my god, the facilities is very poor. Ok, i take a bath quickly and go to the rest area. And than i order fried rice. The food also poor. Not like the neighbour, i think because the price is cheaper. Its ok, aftertake a rest, the mamasan send me to the room, the room also dirty and the massause are not pretty. So i told the mamasan to change the room and the girl. The mamasan send me to the other room, more clean than before and the girl is better than before. Start the massage and the massause ask me which type massage that i want. Surpricely she offer me fs for 500rmb. Ok i take fs service. She go outside to take condom and cold hot water. Back to the room and we take off clothes together. Small boobs, i think 32A. She start with ice fire bbbj. The skill is good. After finish bbbj, use the condom and start fucking her. Start with WOT for a while, change the position to MOt and i finished her with DS. I got the pop. Afterpop, i try to negotiate for the 2nd pop. She said want ask the mamasan first, the price around 100-200rmb for 2nd pop, depend on the mamasan. Its too expensive if the mamasan says 200rmb for 2nd pops. So she give me another Hj for free. No : not remember Face : 6,5 Body : 7 Boobs : 32A Service : 7 Dc : 500rmb RO : no, the facilities very poor. Old and dirty Any massage place in guangzhou thats offer fs service? Please share it
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