Beiyi Spa Life Center(Zhongshan 5th Rd Branch) (Guangzhou)

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    Address: 335-337,May Flower Business Square,68 Zhongshan 5th Road
    DBA in local language: 贝倚水疗生活馆(中山五路店)
    Open Hours: 24 hours
    Massage Service: Foot Massage, Full Body Massage
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Located in the May Flower Business Square, it is easy to find. With the elegant environment, the service it offers is good. The techniques of masseurs are quite professional. The equipments are complete. There are many other programs available, such as facial care, oil massage. However, the bad thing is the hard sell. Per capita consumption is 179 RMB.
    The place is easy to find. It needs to register identity card. The locker has to charge 100 RMB for deposit.The rooms are small but the techniques are good. In the end, the manager has to sign the bill and ask you whether to open a card.
    At first,I participated group buying and felt good. The environment is clean, and each person has a room and felt the techniques is pretty good. So I opened a card. However, I felt a little unhappy later, the attitude is still good. The most worse is that she kept asking you to buy their products.
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